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Thoughts That I Had While Hiking

Updated: Jan 17

As you may or may not know, I'm in the middle of a career break and it's been a very interesting and fulfilling time. I have had time to rediscover many of my interests such as hiking, reading, and obviously...writing.

With the extra time that I have, we (husband and I) decided to book a trip to Phoenix to enjoy some outdoor time. After doing some research my husband found a cool hiking trail, The Hieroglyphic Trail, that would take us up into the Superstition Mountains and past some very cool petroglyphs (I recommend this hike if you are ever in the area).

Being in nature reminded me how grateful I am to have made space in my life. I'm not going to lie, taking a step back without a definite plan was not an easy thing- and I would not recommend it for everyone. However, it has really developed my confidence and sense of self in ways that I never could have expected.

Learning to view yourself as a whole being without a dependence on external accomplishments or status is super liberating.

There was one specific moment about a month ago that really helped to test my fortitude. I was at a local event, and everyone went around the table and said what their occupations were (they were all of course extremely cool and niche jobs). Then the woman to my right finished. It was my turn. I...

swallowed deep...

"I'm taking time off right now."

What happened next? The older woman beside me said, "Good for you." The hipster across from me said, "I took some time off last year, and now I'm working part-time."

As it turns out they did not think that I was:






....with no skills. They did not call me a lazy hippie either (although that would actually have been very funny, and I would have survived either way). This was the moment that I realized that I don't care what other people think - because that has never really affected me.

What I have cared about is what I think that they think,

I think that I know what they think,

but I don't - I only know what I think.

Getting to know myself has been the best investment that I have ever made. Each week I make space to meditate and think about what type of life I want to live in the future. To me this looks like: working part-time, occasionally traveling, and, most importantly, having blank space on the calendar.

What does your ideal life look like?

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