• Sarah Phillips

Showing up to Your Own Life

Updated: Jan 13

Let's discuss the difficulty of being present in the moment. "Being present" is the ability to experience emotions and feelings as they develop, in response to your own thoughts or physical occurrences. In other words, you can experience life without constantly comparing your current state with an imagined future. In this future, you might live in a larger house, travel overseas regularly, or hit the next income bracket. Any or all of those things could happen, but nothing is guaranteed. Yes, it's often strategically necessary to think about the future, but doing so is not a healthy default - after all, the future you imagine may never even come.

Part of the difficulty comes from the reality that existing in the present is not always pleasant. that is OK. It just is what it is. When things are going well, it is easy to relish your success and make the moment stretch. However, when you hit a wall or are working towards an objective (without very much progress) it can be tempting to fantasize about future success, relaxation, or whatever your objective is.

In difficult times, reminding yourself that things will get easier can be healthy, but ultimately you need to do the work to improve your situation (and process any emotions about that situation) instead of wishing it away.

If you are always thinking about the future, then you will not have the opportunity to give yourself a better today.

Prioritizing the present

(whether good or bad)

will allow you to get the most

(time) out of life.

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