• Sarah Phillips

An Isolated New World

Updated: Apr 11

It's March 2020 and there is a pandemic forcing us into isolation - that's a sentence I never imagined I would say.

But to be honest, the situation makes me feel numb. When your in your 20s it's hard to imagine that something invisible could kill you or disrupt your life, like COVID has done. Working from home, spending the weekends away from friends, and desperately trying to be productive is very difficult... and it's only been two weeks.

In my attempt to control things, I've developed a schedule, set due dates for myself, and created an indoor exercise regimen. These things are necessary for me to feel like a human being, instead of an extension of my couch...

But what's interesting to me is: Why do I need to manufacture control in order to feel sane?

(In) SANe (ity)... hmm.

We can never control anything in life. All that we can do is influence the outcome and hope for the best. COVID puts everyone on the same uncertain playing field. The virus does not care if you are rich, poor, handsome, or homely. It has no rhyme or reason; it's a fucking virus.

It's unsettling, but at the same time, panic is a bit pointless. We really can do nothing other than try to influence the outcome through social distancing, hand washing, and basic precautions.

Our inability to completely control the virus (as well as everything else in life) is actually a huge relief. It's a permission slip to just let things go...

and to accept things as they come.


What type of world do us as individuals want to create in the aftermath?

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